• Chain block 1ton
    Chain block 1ton Chain block 1ton Chain block 1ton
Chain block

These robust Torso chain hoists are ideal for your lifting operations. Using the light chain you can easily lift vertically. The chain hoists are supplied with a heavy load chain. Both hooks (below and above) are provided with a safety valve.

- capacity = 1ton
- lift = 3m
- test load = 1,5ton
- effort required to lift max load = 324N
- diameter of load chain = 6mm
Product size
Product length (mm) 158.0
Product width (mm) 140.0
Product height (mm) 340.0
Product weight (kg) 10.7
Package size
Package length (mm) 230
Package width (mm) 185
Package height (mm) 205
Package weight (kg) 11.53

Chain block 1ton

  • Brand: TORSO
  • Product Code: CB10C
  • Availability: In Stock
  • €65.00 ex vat

  • €78.65 incl vat

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