• Biological parts washer 40 liters
    Biological parts washer 40 liters Biological parts washer 40 liters Biological parts washer 40 liters Biological parts washer 40 liters Biological parts washer 40 liters Biological parts washer 40 liters Biological parts washer 40 liters

Parts cleaner / parts washer / mobile biological degreaser / sink / degreasing fountain

The Ecowave PWB40 professional parts washer cleans parts without chemicals, protecting both the user and the environment.
This new generation of parts cleaner works with a cleaning solution based on a natural regeneration, in which oxygen and micro-organisms are used to destroy pollutants. This process ensures cost effective and efficient maintenance.
The cleaner is particularly suitable for cleaning / degreasing parts that are contaminated with grease, oil and other residues.

The PWB40 Ecowave move is very mobile because of the 4 PU swivel wheels, 2 with brakes, and therefore suitable for different types of workshops and garages. The cleaner must be connected to power until the indicator light comes on, which means that the cleaning bath has reached an optimal temperature. The device is then independent and can move freely within the workshop. This makes it easy to clean every object at different locations. The pump and blow gun for drying operate on compressed air.
The parts washer is also equipped with an integrated soaking tray. Here you can put a part to soak for a longer period of time.
With a capacity of 40 liters, the container is suitable for medium-sized parts.

The parts cleaner also has the following strong features:

  • Mobile parts washer

  • Ergonomic design

  • 50µm filter to maintain cleaning performance

  • Regulated heating system at 38 degrees Celsius

  • Safety thermostat for protection against overheating

  • Blow gun with compressed air connection for drying

  • Powerful degreaser brush

  • Easy to maintain

  • Simple control panel: one switch

  • Convenient handle for movement

Technical specifications:

  • tank capacity = 40L

  • soaking area = 4L

  • soaking area dimensions = 240 x 220 x 80mm

  • working area dimensions = 550 x 430 x 150mm

  • pump flow = adjustable from 0 to 6L/min

  • heating power = 2kW

  • electric consumption = 150W

  • load capacity = 30kg

  • heating process from 15 to 38 degrees Celsius = at 20L about 15min.

  • composition = HDPE

  • tool holder = interchangeable brush

  • filtration = filter bag polypropylene 50µm

  • power supply = 230V = 2kW (9A)

Product size
Product length (mm) 822.0
Product width (mm) 530.0
Product height (mm) 1062.0
Product weight (kg) 22.0
Package size
Package length (mm) 540
Package width (mm) 840
Package height (mm) 105
Package weight (kg) 23

Biological parts washer 40 liters

  • Brand: Ecowave
  • Product Code: PWB40
    EAN: 8720028092093
  • Availability: In Stock
  • €1,475.00 ex vat

  • €1,784.75 incl vat

  • Environmentally friendly, optimal cleaning process
  • Cost effective compared to standard parts washers
  • Mobile, always at hand
  • Ergonomic design
  • Drain system, no waste production

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