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This Cowley blade grinding machine is suitable for grinding metal saw blades with a diameter between 80 and 700mm. All blades from table saws, circular saws and saw tables that meet this size can be grinded with this machine.
A diamond grinding wheel with a diameter of 125mm is included. Also 4 adapters for saw blades are included with a diameter of 20mm, 22mm, 30mm and 37,5mm.

Technical specifications:

  • voltage = 230V / 50Hz

  • motor vermogen = 250W

  • speed = 2850rpm

  • motor tiltable = left and right 20°

  • adjustable working table = 30° left and 45° right

Product Größe
Product Lenge (mm) 770.0
Product Breite (mm) 430.0
Product Höhe (mm) 300.0
Product Gewicht (kg) 27.0
Verpackung Grösse
Verpackung Länge (mm) 430
Verpackung Breite (mm) 430
Verpackung Höhe (mm) 350
Verpackung Gewicht (kg) 34


  • Hersteller Cowley
  • Artikelnr. ZBS8D70
    EAN: 8720028045686
  • Verfügbarkeit: Lagernd
  • €165.00 Ex MwSt.

  • €199.65 inkl MwSt.

  • Genaues Schärfen
  • Verstellbare Arbeitsplatte
  • Gummifüße zur Dämpfung

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