• Welding machine invertor TIG MMA 200A
    Welding machine invertor TIG MMA 200A Welding machine invertor TIG MMA 200A Welding machine invertor TIG MMA 200A
Welding machine TIG MMA

A decent portable welding invertor with a high duty cycle and excellent ignition voltage.
The device features HF ignition, adjustable gas flow, 2-stroke/4-stroke and adjustable gas post-flow.
The TIG200P is extremely suitable for TIG welding with direct current (DC), with which you can weld all materials except aluminum.
Thanks to the modern IGBT invertor technology the TIG200P delivers excellent welding performance, the system also ensures a long life and high reliability.
The device is equipped with a clear digital display and stepless control so you can easily and precisely adjust the amperage.
The device is also equipped with a separate ARC function making it possible to weld ordinary electrodes.
The high efficiency of the IGBT basically provides more power and a higher duty cycle and lower power consumption. Thanks to the built-in fan and overload protection, the device cannot malfunction due to overheating.
To make the welding process smoothly, the device is equipped with anti-stick and hot start system.
Each TIG200P comes with a TIG cable set and an electrode welding cable set equipped with a heavy solid electrode holder and earth clamp!

Technical specifications:
- voltage = 230V - 50/60 Hz
- fusing = 16A (slow)
- duty cycle = 200A/60% - 140A/100%
- amperage range (TIG) = 10 - 195A
- amperage range (ARC) = 10 - 175A
- start-up voltage = 56V
- protection class = IP21S
- insulation class = F
- weldable electrodes = 1,6/2,0/2,5/3,2/4,0mm
- usable wolfram electrodes = 1,0/1,6/2,4/3,2mm
- cable thickness = 25mm²
- cable length = 3m
- eletrode / earth connection = 13mm pen
Product size
Product length (mm) 400.0
Product width (mm) 160.0
Product height (mm) 310.0
Product weight (kg) 14.5
Package size
Package length (mm) 530
Package width (mm) 320
Package height (mm) 385
Package weight (kg) 16

Welding machine invertor TIG MMA 200A

  • Brand: SOLDATECH
  • Product Code: TL200P
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  • €375.00 ex vat

  • €453.75 incl vat

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