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Air operated bleeding device for hydraulic brakes and clutches of all motor vehicles.
Various types of plugs equipped to suit for various types of cars.
Reserve indicator equipped to warn when the fluid is finishing.
Reserve air tank enables constant pressure for several bleeding operations without further recharges.
Convenient, easy to operate and safe.

- fluid capacity upper chamber = 6L
- fluid capacity low chamber = 7L
- max. working pressure fluid middle chamber = 2bar
- max. pressure reserve reservoir low chamber = 10bar
- delivery hose length = 3m
- safety valve max. pressure = 10bar
- clear hose length = 1m
- air inlet connection = 1/4'' quick plug
Product Größe
Verpackung Grösse
Verpackung Länge (mm) 360
Verpackung Breite (mm) 320
Verpackung Höhe (mm) 800
Verpackung Gewicht (kg) 11

Druckluft Bremsenentlüfter

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