• English wheel F1.2 x 710mm
    English wheel F1.2 x 710mm English wheel F1.2 x 710mm English wheel F1.2 x 710mm

English wheel

This English wheel from Cowley is used for the professional working, construction or restoration of sheet material such as fenders, tanks and all kinds of car sheet metal work. Ideal for hollowing and spinning thin sheet, removing dents and flattening hammer strokes. Due to the large insertion depth of the machine you can easily process soft steel, aluminum or copper sheets.

With the help of the large upper roll, small lower roll and the spindle, the desired pressure can be exerted on the piece of sheet metal.

Comes with 6 shaping rollers made of hardened polished steel. The English wheel has a handy built-in storage rack for these different forming rolls.

Technical specifications:

  • maximum plate thickness = 1.2mm

  • insertion depth = 710mm

  • diameter x width main roll = 200 x 50mm

  • width lower rolls = 51mm

  • working height = 1190mm

Radius forming rollers:

  • 50.8mm / 2"

  • 76.2mm / 3"

  • 101.6mm / 4"

  • 152.4mm / 6"

  • 203.2mm / 8"

  • 304.8mm / 12"

Product size
Product length (mm) 870.0
Product width (mm) 780.0
Product height (mm) 220.0
Product weight (kg) 75.0
Package size
Package length (mm) 890
Package width (mm) 800
Package height (mm) 240
Package weight (kg) 82

English wheel F1.2 x 710mm

  • Brand: Cowley
  • Product Code: EWM710
    EAN: 8720028087846
  • Availability: Out of Stock
  • €350.00 ex vat

  • €423.50 incl vat

  • Hardened, polishing steel rollers
  • Precise roller adjustment
  • Very solid construction
  • Handy storage rack for forming rolls

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