• Workshop module I Expert
    Workshop module I Expert Workshop module I Expert Workshop module I Expert Workshop module I Expert

Modular workshop equipment / workplace complete / complete workshop equipment module 4

With the Expert workshop furnishings from TOOLBOX4YOU, every workshop can be designed according to your own taste. The interior provides a professional look, offers ideal space for all kinds of activities and is equipped with eight 230V sockets and sufficient storage space for tools. This Expert combo is equipped with solid energy-saving LED lighting and a beautifully finished lighting frame. The workshop equipment do not include accessories. All parts from the Expert series are available separately, so it is possible to put together your own workshop equipment, of which this module is an example. This workshop equipment module Expert series consists of:

  • 2 x BG62L7
  • 4 x BG62D2
  • 1 x BG62TB
  • 2 x BG62TCD2
  • 5 x BG62WD1
  • 1 x BG124WT
  • 1 x BG186WT
  • 8x BG62BP
  • 2x BG62BPS
  • 2x BG62EL
  • 6x BG01CE
  • 1 x BG02L
  • 1 x BG03L
  • 1 x BG02 LED
  • 1x BG03LED
Product size
Product length (mm) 580.0
Product width (mm) 4340.0
Product height (mm) 2025.0
Product weight (kg) 432.0
Package size
Package length (mm) 1200
Package width (mm) 1200
Package height (mm) 2380
Package weight (kg) 446

Workshop module I Expert

  • Brand: TOOLBOX4YOU
  • Product Code: BGMODI
    EAN: 8720028103362
  • Availability: Out of Stock
  • Expected delivery date between 5 and 7 weeks
  • €2,850.00 ex vat

  • €3,448.50 incl vat

  • Deep workspace
  • Solid wood top
  • Ball-bearing rail drawers
  • incl. LED-lighting
  • incl. leveling feet