• Stacker electric 1200kg 115cm
    Stacker electric 1200kg 115cm Stacker electric 1200kg 115cm Stacker electric 1200kg 115cm Stacker electric 1200kg 115cm Stacker electric 1200kg 115cm Stacker electric 1200kg 115cm

Pallet truck / high lifter

This Mammuth fully electric stacker offers all the benefits of a standard stacker and extends it with the convenience of electric drive. This type of stacker drives and pumps electrically. The electric drive ensures that moving heavy pallets up to 1200kg is effortless. The stacker is equipped with a 24V gel battery, which is charged using the built-in 230V charger.
The stacker is equipped with a so-called FFL mast (full free lift), which is very suitable for rooms with a low ceiling. First the fork carriage reaches the maximum free lift, then the inner mast extends. This ensures that the mast remains low when lifting the forks to a height of 1560mm. The mast extends from this height.
Easy to operate with the multifunctional ergonomic handle. This handle is equipped with controls for driving, lifting and a horn. There is a battery indicator on the stacker itself.


  • capacity = 1200kg

  • fork length x width x height = 1150 x 160 x 85mm

  • lifting range = 90 - 3000mm

  • total width = 820mm

  • driving speed loaded = 3.5km/h

  • driving speed unloaded = 4km/h

  • lifting speed loaded = 95mm/s

  • lifting speed unloaded = 134mm/s

  • lowering speed loaded = 130mm/s

  • lowering speed unloaded = 94mm/s

  • max. gradeability loaded = 5%

  • max. gradeability unloaded = 7%

  • turning radius = 1460mm

  • minimum clearance height = 2,04m

  • battery = 24V - 75Ah gel battery

  • operating time = 3 - 4 hours

  • charging time = 8 hours

  • double front wheel

  • material wheels = PU

  • diameter steering wheel = 210mm

  • diameter load wheel = 80mm

  • diameter balancing wheel = 125mm

Product size
Product length (mm) 1800.0
Product width (mm) 820.0
Product height (mm) 2032.0
Product weight (kg) 590.0
Package size
Package length (mm) 1800
Package width (mm) 820
Package height (mm) 2032
Package weight (kg) 590

Stacker electric 1200kg 115cm

  • Brand: MAMMUTH
  • Product Code: PS12E
    EAN: 8720028089437
  • Availability: In Stock
  • €4,350.00 ex vat

  • €5,263.50 incl vat

  • FFL: Full free lift
  • Very compact design
  • Built-in charger, directly accessible
  • Simple control and comfortable operation

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