• Band saw hydraulic 225mm 400V
    Band saw hydraulic 225mm 400V Band saw hydraulic 225mm 400V Band saw hydraulic 225mm 400V Band saw hydraulic 225mm 400V Band saw hydraulic 225mm 400V Band saw hydraulic 225mm 400V

band saw machine / metal band saw / metal cutting bandsaw / band saw / euro type horizontal bandsaw

Band saw machine from Cowley has a solid metal base, with an integrated control panel in the frontside of the frame.

The user-friendly low-voltage control panel including emergency switch, makes it very easy and safe to operate. Additionally it has an adjustable automatic hydraulic feed which makes it possible to set and adjust the lowering feed speed and make controlled cuts automatically.

Thanks to the adjustable sevenfold bearing saw blade guidance it has a high cutting precision, and the low speed of the motor ensures a longer life.

Euro type horizontal bandsaw is adjustable in cutting angle and has a high sawing precision.

The machine has 2 fixed cutting speeds 45 and 90 m/min.

The chips that are formed during the sawing process can remain in the cavities between the teeth and interfere with normal cutting, so the machine is equipped stainless steel circular abrasive brush for band saw blades allow to gently and effectively clean between the teeth of the saw blade without dulling the cutting edge of the blade.

Cast iron body provides a high stability and less vibration during cutting. Using the handwheel, the saw blade is hydraulically tightened and the tightening force can be read on the pressure gauge. This professional Band saw machine is recommended for working with metals. This low-noise model is suitable for sawing pipes and profiles of alu, steel and stainless steel.

The band saw is equipped with a built-in flow-controlled cooling system with coolant and electric pump, due to this the cooling of the saw blade ensures a long working cycle and cutting precision.

Band saw equipped with an adjustable material clamp with dual lock quick system in front of the frame.

Сutting angle level lock is integrated into the cabinet. The band saw has an adjustable cutting angle from 0° - 60° and is equipped with an adjustable material stop for fast and correct cutting.

Electric motor with reducer and ISO certified, electrical installations in accordance with CE standards.

This model comes with a small set of maintenance tools.


  • User-friendly control panel on the front
  • Automatic / hydraulic down feed with saw blade system
  • Adjustable 7 bearing sawblade guidance
  • Emergency stop
  • Automatic switch off after cutting
  • Quick clamping system
  • Bi-metal saw blade
  • Cast iron machine clamp
  • Saw blade pressure gauge
  • Maintenance-free bearings
  • Built-in cooling pump
  • Adjustable material stop
  • Blade tension adjustment
  • Adjustable cutting angle 0° - 60°

Technical specifications:

  • Voltage = 400V/ 50Hz 3-phase
  • Power = 1.1kW
  • Band saw speed = 45 / 90 m/min
  • Working table height = 850mm
  • Blade Speeds = 2
  • Weight = 185kg

Blade dimensions:

  • Band saw length = 2480mm
  • Band saw width = 27mm
  • Band saw thickness = 0.9mm

Adjustable cutting angle 0° to 60° using a quick locking handle, and an automatic turn-off system.

Cutting capacity:

  • 0 ° round 225 mm
  • 0 ° square 190 mm
  • 0 ° rectangular 150 × 245 mm
  • 45 ° round 145 mm
  • 45 ° square 145 mm
  • 45 ° rectangular 190 x 150 mm
  • 60 ° round 90 mm
  • 60 ° square 90 mm
  • 60° rectangular 115 x 90 mm
Product size
Product length (mm) 1450.0
Product width (mm) 510.0
Product height (mm) 1450.0
Product weight (kg) 193.0
Package size
Package length (mm) 1365
Package width (mm) 576
Package height (mm) 895
Package weight (kg) 207

Band saw hydraulic 225mm 400V

  • Brand: Cowley
  • Product Code: BS270N
    EAN: 8720028100026
  • Availability: In Stock
  • €1,995.00 ex vat

  • €2,413.95 incl vat

  • Circulair saw blade cleaning system
  • Built-in coolant system
  • 2 fixed cutting speeds
  • Hydraulic automatic down feed
  • User-friendly control panel on the front