• Balanceerkorrels VW zakje A 360g
    Balanceerkorrels VW zakje A 360g Balanceerkorrels VW zakje A 360g Balanceerkorrels VW zakje A 360g

These balancing beads are suitable for tires of trucks, buses, trailers and 4x4 vehicles.
By placing the patented bag unopened in the tire before mounting, it opens after a short driving distance. The beads will release into the belt.
The beads move freely in the rotating wheel and adapt to constantly changing conditions. They reduce the vibrations in the tire, reduce tire pressure and act as a mass balancer.

  • type A

  • weight = 360g

The balancing beads come in sizes that are suitable for any tire size from A to F based on weight. To find the right type for the tire size you can use the application table. This can be found above under the tab "Documents".

Product afmetingen
Product lengte (mm) 160.0
Product breedte (mm) 125.0
Product hoogte (mm) 20.0
Product gewicht (kg) 0.4
Verpackung Grösse
Verpackung Länge (mm) 160
Verpackung Breite (mm) 125
Verpackung Höhe (mm) 20
Verpackung Gewicht (kg) 0.37

Balanceerkorrels VW zakje A 360g

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  • Verfügbarkeit: Lagernd
  • €12.50 Ex MwSt.

  • €15.13 inkl MwSt.

  • Beter rijcomfort, minder trillingen
  • Waterafstotend, klonter niet
  • Verminderde loopvlak slijtage dankzij de demping
  • Langere levensduur van banden, lagere kosten per kilometer
  • Brengt geen schade toe aan de innerliner van de band

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